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You may now download this climate justice documentary for personal use.

If you wish to host a screening or want a skype Q&A please email: info@chihiro.nl



“Amongst all the documentaries dealing with environmental activism, director Chihiro Geuzebroek has hit upon a winning formula to detail something that’s so often rendered with the sledgehammer of didacticism. First of all, she’s the subject of the film, a personal journey undertaken by a cute, plucky “little Dutch girl” (of Bolivian heritage) which, frankly, goes a long way to rendering a picture that’s not merely palatable, but includes a wealth of information in an agreeable, entertaining fashion.” (Greg Klymkiw) — REVIEW FILM CORNER [CANADA]

“Radical Friends could easily have been a self-indulgent work were it not for Geuzebroek’s extreme earnestness and deep respect for Bolivia’s culture and its activists. With the help of endearing animations and a relaxed interview style, the filmmaker has created a unique film that is both informative and emotional.” (Elena Lowe) — REVIEW DORKSHELF [CANADA]


Diverse grassroots/indy screening in Cuba, Mexico, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, France

November 2016 TV broadcast Telesur (diverse territories)

August 2016 Screening French version (Bréau, France)

March 2016 Screening filmclub (Darlington, UK)

December 2015 EKOFILM (Brno, Czech Republic)


May 30 2015 TV broadcast Canal Capital (Bogota, Colombia)

November 7th 2014  Planet in Focus North American Premiere: Canada

September 10th 2014  SURrealidades  Colombian Premiere

  August 16th 2014 at 19.30  World Cinema Amsterdam Film Festival  Dutch Premiere

July 31st 2014 Peace News Summercamp UK peace activist gathering /July 29th 2014  Festival Internacional de Cine de los Derechos Humanos  World Premiere: Bolivia

JURY AWARD: BEST FEATURE ‘Ojo Boliviano’ (Jury report)

jury report